Colombia El Boton Maragogipe Rainforest Alliance 200 grams

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Elephant Beans! A stellar, Rainforest Alliance certified, estate-grown Colombian.

El Boton coffee offers a clean, well-balanced cup. It has an exquisite aroma, medium body, and is sweet and bright. Pronounced, but pleasant acidity. This is a great breakfast coffee that's enjoyable black or with milk.

Colombia El Boton Maragogipe Rainforest Alliance   200 grams

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Colombia El Boton is an Estate coffee nurtured on the steep slopes of Southwest Antioquia. The farm has been producing the Maragogipe (MAH-rah-go-ZHE-pay) variety since the early 1930’s. It displays enormous bean size. Its familiar nickname is “elephant bean.”

Our El Boton is Rainforest-Alliance Certified, meaning it was produced following sustainable ecological and socio-economic criteria. With this method the estate produces less coffee per hectare but creates a far-superior bean. Natural shade provides the beans with the correct humidity and temperature conditions to create excellent cup characteristics. These beans were handpicked from the branch at their peak of ripeness, immediately washed, and then carefully dried and hand sorted.

Rainforest Alliance certification helps farmers bear the erratic swings in the global market by giving them the keys to improved farm management, negotiating leverage and access to premium markets. Rainforest Alliance Certified seal is a guarantee that coffee is grown on farms where forests are protected, rivers, soils and wildlife conserved; workers are treated with respect, paid decent wages, properly equipped and given access to education and medical care. These farms are on a path toward true sustainability. Forested coffee farms are critically important to serve as migration stop-overs for birds traveling from as far away as Canada and Alaska. In areas where deforestation is rampant, these coffee farms may be the only habitat available to provide shelter and food for wary birds.

Additional Information

Country of Origin Colombia
Roast Medium
Body Medium Body
Liveliness Balanced
Price ₪60.00