Monthly Specials

  1. Almost Heaven 200 grams

    Grind: Special Offer:

    This year's delightful blend takes a little turn from the original inspiration for our Yamim Noraim offering. Overall, a full-bodied coffee with notes of exotic sweet fruit, cherry, and spice, with a base of creamy chocolate and mild nuttiness.

    Get 2 bags for NIS 100.

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  2. Colombia El Boton Maragogipe Rainforest Alliance 200 grams


    Elephant Beans! A stellar, Rainforest Alliance certified, estate-grown Colombian.

    El Boton coffee offers a clean, well-balanced cup. It has an exquisite aroma, medium body, and is sweet and bright. Pronounced, but pleasant acidity. This is a great breakfast coffee that's enjoyable black or with milk.

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