Why Choose Aura Coffee?

What makes Aura Coffee different from other coffees?

We are committed to the 3rd Wave approach to coffee roasting and retail:

  • At Aura, our focus is on coffee beans, not coffee drinks. We concentrate our efforts to produce the freshest possible specialty coffee beans.
  • We select only the finest, highest rated, green coffees from around the world. We are always seeking unique coffees that contribute to our commitment as a 3rd Wave Roaster. We care about your coffee, “from seed to cup.”
  • We meticulously roast each coffee in a small-batch roaster to optimize the flavor development profile we wish to create for that specific coffee.
  • We deliver or ship our fresh roasted coffee within 48 hours to our web-order customers. 24-48 hours is required for freshly roasted coffee to de-gas (CO2 is released) before bags are sealed.
  • We are constantly cupping and optimizing our coffee. Coffee varies with the season, from harvest to harvest, and with environmental conditions. We exploit these variations seeking the subtle nuances in flavor that can be attained. This makes Aura Coffee unique amongst Israeli coffee roasters.