Our Customers Say ...

Best cup of coffee! Did not want it 2 end.
I had never used a French Press before. It's so easy. Everyone who passes by my office stops to inhale the aroma. This coffee is so fresh! Bye-bye nescafe.
Today I had the best cup of coffee...With coffee this good, who needs to have it sent from America!
Definitely a thumbs up…I enjoy espresso based drinks, but there is just something very nice about a good cup of brewed coffee which I can't seem to find anywhere other than my kitchen.
As great as the crisp, bold taste of your coffee is your unbridled delight in sharing, educating and discussing all things java. Keep up the good work!
It was very different than what I am used to. I LOVED the smell. It was very smooth and rich.
Really Yummy Coffee!
OMG! what great coffee!
Now that I have Aura, I wake up early just to have a few peaceful moments alone.
אני אוהבת קפה. הטעם והארומה גורמים לי להרגיש חמים בפנים. אין בוקר בלי קפה. קפה אורה הוא בהחלט הקפה הכי טעים שאי פעם טעמתי. -- יונינה ב
The light roast is bursting with flavor. Delicious!