• Can I order over the telephone?

Yes. Call us with your order at 072-2724459 and we will process your credit card order securely. 

  • Do you sell flavored coffees?

Specialty coffees have these amazing, naturally occurring flavors. Sometimes the nuances are subtle, but sometimes the flavor jumps out, like the strong blueberry from some naturally processed Ethiopian coffees.  Other coffees may display distinctive chocolatey, fruity, or spicy tastes. We prefer these flavors to artificially flavored coffees.

  • Do you sell organic coffee?

Most all of our coffees are estate-grown or small-farm cooperative coffees. The growing methods on these type farms are typically well-established traditional methods that do not rely on chemical fertilizers nor pesticides for their production. We have a few 100% organic coffees, as well as coffees certified be Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ.   For more on these, see our section:  Our Bag Label Explained

  • Do your darker roasted coffees contain more caffeine than lighter coffees?

On average, darker roasted coffees actually contain a bit less caffeine than lighter roasts due to the extended roasting time--more caffeine burns off.  If darkness however is a function of the amount of coffee used to brew a cup, then darker cups of coffee may contain more caffeine than lightly brewed cups.

  • How is your coffee decaffeinated?

The Direct Water contact method uses water, pressure and methylene chloride to remove caffeine. This method produces the most flavorful cup and has been proven non-toxic through clinical trials. This method removes 96 to 98 percent of a coffee's original caffeine content.

  • I do not have a grinder. Do you sell pre-ground coffee?

Aura recommends that you purchase whole bean coffee and grind the beans immediately before brewing in order to maximize the aroma and flavor of each cup. Several small grinders for home use are available. 

For your convenience, we'll grind it for you: Coarse grind for French Press, Medium grinds for Drip/Filter, AeroPress and Machinetta, and Fine grinds for Espresso and Turkish. Because Aura Coffee is so fresh when you receive it, if purchased ground in small quantities and stored in a cool, dry, airtight container, it will still provide a far superior coffee experience than any store-bought coffee.

  • Why is Aura Coffee sold in 200 gm packages?

We take pride in our small-batch coffee roasting technique, and we really try to optimize the aromatic flavors in each roast.  And secondly, freshness matters!  We want you to have the best experience from our coffee.  For most customers, we determined that 200 gms provides an amount of coffee suitable for about one week.  Even if you consume only one cup per day, and keep the bag tightly sealed, the coffee will still be fresh even after a few weeks. We like our coffee very fresh and hope that it is not sitting around much longer than that.