Sumatra Mandheling Mena Gold 200 grams

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A Bold, Earthy Flavor with Spicy Aroma

This is a deep, brooding, bass-note coffee, with a trace of foresty earth and floral herbs. The wet aroma has a bit of peppery pungency, a butterscotch and molasses sweetness. In the cup, a resonant acidity, some roasty chocolates, thick body. The finish is slightly drying with a bittersweet quality. A hint of clove spice emerges as the cup cools--very nice!

Sumatra Mandheling Mena Gold   200 grams

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Looking for a wild ride into the heart of the jungle?

At Aura Coffee we are always looking for ways to make your coffee-drinking experiences more intriguing and exotic.

From a country of dense forest canopies, sluggish rivers, and intense humidity comes a coffee with a thick, almost syrupy body that can only be referred to as "earthy and wild." It has a pleasing, tangy, bittersweet and aggressive herbal twist making it popular among fans of the darker roast.

Sumatra Mandheling coffee is produced in the Batak region of Sumatra, one of the main islands that make up Indonesia.

Small plots of coffee are scattered over a high, undulating plateau of fern-covered clay. The coffee is grown without shade, but also without chemicals of any kind, and almost entirely by small holders.

Many consider the Mandheling coffees to be among the world's finest and most admired, and certainly among the best Sumatran coffees.

Additional Information

Country of Origin Sumatra
Roast Medium
Body Very Full Body
Liveliness Smooth
Price ₪55.00