Kenya Kirimara Estate AA 200 grams

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The aroma is sweet with honey, a vibrant wine-like acidity, with hints of fruit. In the cup you will find deep fruit tones of currants and berries, an essence of grapefruit and a penetrating complexity of flavor that reveals itself slowly from first sip to last.

Kenya Kirimara Estate AA   200 grams



From the rich high-altitude volcanic soils of Kenya comes a most special taste and aroma. Kirimara is a small family-run estate originally established by European settlers in the 1920's in the Nyeri District. The estate is situated over 6000 ft. above sea level on the slopes of Mt. Kenya close to an ancient elephant migration corridor connecting this mountain with the Aberdare Mountain Range. These are significant water catchment and wildlife habitats.

It is said that no country pays as strict attention to the quality of its coffee production as does Kenya. Kenya's goal is to produce the world's finest coffee, and once you taste the delicious flavor of the coffee grown at the Kirimara Estate you may agree that this goal has already been achieved. Distinctly smooth--rich, with full body and complexity.

The grade KENYA AA is perhaps the most recognized and prized Kenyan coffee. Kenyan coffee enjoys a celebrated reputation for its bold and distinctive flavor. This coffee is 100% sun-dried on special patios known as, "African beds."

This is one of the most distinctive beans we offer. Kenyan coffee is well regarded-- one of the finest gourmet coffees in the world. Full-bodied, complex, with outstanding flavors. This could become your favorite cup.

Additional Information

Country of Origin Kenya
Roast Medium-Dark
Body Full Body
Liveliness Bright
Price ₪55.00