Kashrut Supervision

Aura Coffee, Ltd. is Certified Kosher under the Supervision of Modiin Rabbanut- HaRav Eliyahu Elharar.

Only fresh, green, raw coffee is used in our production. There are no oils, additives, or flavorings used in the roasting process. Coffee is not grown in Israel.

Our selected raw coffees decaffeinated by CO2 process are under the kashrut supervision of Rabbi Dov-Levy Barsilay of HK Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Germany. Our Ethyl Acetate decaffeinated coffees are under the kashrut supervision of Rabbi Joel Berger, former Chief Rabbi of Wurttemberg, Germany.

Kashrut Certification for Pesach is with mashgiach supervision on-site for the entire process. This includes: bean inspection, high-temperature cleaning, roasting, weighing, bag labeling and bag sealing.

These certificates are available for inspection upon request.