About Aura

Aura Coffee was founded by three guys who love coffee—unique, fresh coffee! We set out to satisfy our fascinations with the nuances of single-origin coffees from around the world and as a result of “roasting our own” discovered an amazing satisfaction that freshly roasted coffee provides. Albert, a professional photographer--turned medical physicist, loves the spice and bittersweet chocolate of Guatemalan coffee. Asher, an acclaimed Canadian barrister adores the tangy refreshment of Kenya, and Ron, a veteran of the high-tech scene, favors Ethiopian. So what do these professionals have in common? A love for Israel, and an appreciation for fresh coffee. Our pursuit of that perfect cup led us to begin experimenting with blends and different roast styles, and now we are excited to share our passion for great coffee with you. Aura Select gourmet coffees are hand-crafted to order in Modiin, Israel. Our roast-master cups every roast to ensure the flavor quality we intended has been achieved. And we roast only enough coffee to fulfill each day's order, so our coffee is always extremely fresh.

At Aura Coffee we are always looking for ways to make your coffee experience more enjoyable. It is our pleasure to offer you the absolutely freshest coffee available in Israel, delivered directly to your home or office. We can set up a weekly recurring order for home delivery so you'll always have the freshest coffee on-hand. We can even schedule a coffee maintenance program for your workplace. Contact Us.

Looking for something even more unique? We can create a custom roast just for you! And we have great gifts too. The Aura founders take pride in our coffee and our unique "Keepin' it fresh" approach to seeking out the best and most interesting coffees worldwide. Let us know how our dedicated customer service can best serve you.

Albert, Asher, and Ron